2012 Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood

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This rather oddly named church was built on the spot where Tsar Alexander  was assassinated in 1883. 

He was wouded by a grenade on the canal bank, and died later in his palace.  A memorial shrine was built on the spot, and the church built over it, thus protruding slightly onto the canal, as is apparent from here.

Construction started in 1883, and it took 14 years to build the church, so it was finished about the time that revolutionary forces were becoming strong in Russia.

As with all the monuments in St Petersburg, there are many photographs and historical descriptions on the web.

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The shrine to Alexander is on the former canal bank.
The building is impressive from all sides.

Inside, there are separate, secluded seats for the Tsar and for  the Tsarina, so that they could worship without being seen (or shot at ???) by the congregation.

Part of ceiling
The main body of the church is decorated.
All walls, ceiling and columns appear to bear religious paintings, but these are actually mosiacs.

The floor is elaborately constructed of marble.

Helena and Diane are in the crowd on the right.
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