2011  West Coast of Sweden

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After rounding Lindesnes, the Southern tip of Norway, we stopped in to Kristiansand to pick up Danish friends, then sailed to Smogen in Sweden on an overnight passage.  Smogen is a former fishing port, now a party town, and was incredibly busy.  We enjoyed the visit, but took no photographs of the town itself.

The whole Northern part of the Swedish West coast is protected by hundreds of rocky islands, known as the Skaergaard, like this channel.

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Interesting boats seem to gather around Smogen at party time, including this flying dinghy.  It seemed to have a bit of trouble taking off, but flew fine once in the air.

We found that the Swedish sailors rarely anchor.  They either use marinas or, more often, tie up to the rocks in sheltered spots.
They drop an anchor over the stern, go close to the rocks and tie the bow of to steel stakes, then keep the stern anchor just tight enough to avoid bouncing on the rocks.
There are many stakes in place, with most marked on local charts, but some sailors carry their own and pound them into cracks in the granite with large hammers.
Some boats carry larger anchors on their sterns than on their bows, complete with power windlasses.

We stopped in several small towns, including Fjallbacka on the left and Gullholmen on the right.

The small fishing villages have largely become holiday colonies, while the medium size towns have some industry.
We always anchored, finding many quiet spots, including Gluppo on the left and Syd Halo on the right.

As we approached Goteborg, the islands become more sparse, and we headed up the river to the city for a week
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