2011  Lysefjord

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Lysefjord is only medium size by Norwegian standards, but is home of a few well know attractions. 

The entry is crossed by one of the many large bridges in Norway.

The Norwegians charge the oil companies MUCH higher royalties than Alberta does, and have used the receipts to develop their infrastructure in many ways, including bridges or tunnels to a considerable number of islands which were formerly somewhat isolated.

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We sailed below the famous Preikestollen (Pulpit Rock) but did not climb it.

 As we passed below, we could see about 20 people looking over the edge.  There are photos on the web with hundreds of people on the top.

It is easy to approach most of the numerous waterfalls in the fjords, both in Milvina and by dinghy, as Michael is demonstrating here.
Weather changes fast in the fjords.  Half an hour before the shot on the left, we had steady rain, and clouds near water level.  Shortly afterwards we took the shot of our dock in Lyseboten on the right.

The Kjeragsbolten (Kjerag chock stone)  is a well known tourist attraction in above Lyseboten.  It is almost 1000 metres above the water, so hard to see.

Michael and Neil both climbed on top of it, as did about half the many people who hiked up to it on the day we visited.

It is about a 4 hour round trip from the highway, and close to some favourite exits off spots for the BASE jumpers who consider Kjerag one of the prime spots in the world.

We went to watch some of them leap and fly.

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