2011  Flaam Valley

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Doug Bruce and Neil made a trip by train to Myrdal, biked down the Flaam valley to the Sogne Fjord, then took the ferry back to Bergen.

This shot down the valley from the train station was taken during our 2009 trip, but of course the valley has not changed.

The  trail down needs a bike with full size wheels and fat tires, but is not technical mountain biking.

We have two good folding bikes on board, so took them with us in sailbags because baggage travels free, while bikes are expensive on the trains.
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The valley has lots of waterfalls, which were running full with the melting snow.

We took several short hikes off the trail, and sometimes found rainbows, although we never got to the end on one.
There is still some farming in the valley, although the high, remote farms have become summer homes since they are far too small for today's standard of living, and anyone who works hard enough to farm them will do much better in the city or offshore oil.

We liked this old shepherd's cabin more than the modern houses.
Leaving Flaam, the fast ferry makes a long wake.

It took us past the end of Naeroy Fjord, then out to the coastal islands, and back to Bergen
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