Tylers on board NW of Oban 2010

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Michael, Alison, Ross and Scott Tyler joined us in Oban.  Unfortunately the rains arrived with them on the train from Glasgow, and our two month run of sunny weather ended for quite a long while.

Helen and Alison are smiling, despite the weather as we head up for Tobermory, where we enjoyed the town and hiking trails around it.

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Tobermory bay has high sides, so there are lots of waterfalls.
The anchorage is never silent, but is very well protected against gales from most directions.
The weather changed rapidly and often, so we had a few rainbows.

After a few days we headed up around Ardnamurchan Point, to the North.  Weather made Loch Nevis look like the best destination, so we sailed straight in to Tarbert Bay
There are no roads to Tarbert.  100 years ago there was a village with about 50 fishing boats and an inn.  Today there are a couple of houses, with very friendly residents who traded a salmon and some lobster for a bottle of wine..
We have always liked Loch Nevis, with its scenery and good hiking trails.  Some are amazingly well constructed, being leftovers from the days when several hundred people lived around the loch, before the days of cars.  The section constructed on steep hillsides are just wide enough for a horse, or even a mountain bike today.
After a few days in Loch Nevis, we had a very wet run up to Loch Scavaig, in the heart of the Cuillin hills of Skye, where we anchored just below the waterfall on the left, then hiked up the short Coirusk river to Loch Coirusk.
Neil and Michael climbed Garsbeinn, a hill overlooking the anchorage.
On the right Neil is looking out over the islands of Soay and Rum.
On the left, Loch Coirusk is behind the narrow green patch separating it from Loch Scavaig.

Milvina is anchored in the round bay on the left
The light varies widely, with the green look occurring the day we arrived in low cloud, with some rain, the blue water on the left the next day.

We were quite surprised to have such a beautiful anchorage to ourselves.
After a few days we headed back in the direction of Oban, with stops in Oban and Lochaline.

Weather was fine, with light winds, so the spinnaker went well.

After the Tyler's left, we joined the Clyde Cruising Club's Centennial Cruise.
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