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After leaving Soame's harbour, we stopped in the almost deserted Mackerel Cove on Swan Island.  A pair of eagles kept watch on us from their tree-top  nest, and let us know that we were not welcome.

We saw several Ospreys, and a fair number of dolphins, but VERY few seals, although there are at least a dozen laces called "Seal Cove" or "Seal Harbor" on the charts of  Maine.

After Mackerel Cove we sailed up the Eggemogin Reach, reputedly one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the US.  Although it was pleasant, we did not seen anything worth photographing.

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This led us to Gylke Harbour in Isleboro Island, for the annual Seven Seas Cruising Association  GAM.  This mostly an excuse for partying and boat talk, and lots of both went on for two days.

About 45 boats showed up, and a number of people arrived by car.

We took a day to put Milvina on the beach to remove a surprising lush growth of barnacles on the deeper parts of the hull.  Although about one to two inches long, and quite dense, they were amazingly easy to remove with a plastic putty knife. 

The picture on the left shows the worst of them.

We had been losing about 15% in speed, and the extra friction on the hull loaded up the engine to make extra noise when motoring.

At the same time, we adjusted the pitch of the propeller, in an attempt to have less noisy motoring.  The change was a success, although we would like our motor to be quieter still.

The tidal range is about 12 feet, so we were high and dry for about 4 hours, which was plenty for the work.

Burnt Coat Harbour, in swan Island was one of our favourite anchorages


We are enjoying Maine Lobster on board on the left.

On the right we are in the lounge in the Peantagoet Inn in Castine.  It is lined with photographs of famous political figures.  The most prominent is hardly the one I would have expected in the USA. 

Ile au Haut  must be the smallest Post Office in the US. 

There is no space to anchor, but there are a few moorings, with a plastic bottle attached, where you leave the rental fee of $20.

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